Academy for Digitalization, New Work, and Innovation

This is the essence from hundreds of workshops and innovation projects. By the humble bestseller authors of Thank God It's Monday and Digital Innovation Playbook. Check out the open workshops and trainings by Dark Horse. Most workshops are held in German in Berlin, Germany.

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Workshops & Training von Dark Horse

Design Thinking Coach 14 Tage

Become a Design Thinking coach. Trained by one of Germany's first and leading Design Thinking Consultancies.

Design Thinking Workshop 2 Tage

Experience this effective innovation methodology 2 days. Afterwards, you will be enabled to immediately use these take-ways in your work context.

New Work Design 2 Tage

For pioneers and innovators of New Work. Experience New Work and find out how to customize it to your organization.

Agile Strategy Development 2 days

In the context of agile organizations and the digitalization, strategy processes have to become agile. Discover with us the tools of an iterative approach to strategy development.

Circular Thinking 2 Tage

Get to know the mindset of the circular economy and devleop sustainable solutions for a new economy.

Digital Experience Tour 2 days

Dive with us into the start-up scene. Learn about its culture and wworking methods. Translate your insights into actionable steps for your organization.

New Leader­ship 2 ½ Tage

Learn skills of New Leadership. Agile work surroundings need guidance that encoureages self organization and personal responsibility.

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