Our Innovation Principles

If you want to innovate, you have to do something differently: We are 30 co-founders from 25 different disciplines, who work together without any hierarchies whatsoever. The structure of our company continually evolves as conditions change, yet we are united by trust and curiosity. We have optimized Dark Horse for maximum innovation capacity.

Our innovation methods

Designification is the basis of our business. We apply it to innovate products and services, for our workshops and consulting services and to develop our innovation tools. Designification is design as a culture - we use design processes, methods, tools and attitudes to solve non-design issues.

Der Dark Horse Innovationsansatz: Research, Synthese, Ideation, Testing

Design Thinking

Design Thinking transcends apparent contradictions: it radically accelerates the innovation process through iterations and smart recycling. It builds on trends to create permanently relevant innovations. It embraces failure to reduce risks upfront. It combines multiple perspectives to uncover latent user needs.

Service Design

Services are the new products, but great services need more than pretty apps. We use Service Design to create distinctive user experiences and meaningful customer journeys. We consciously shape interactions between users and brands that are beneficial for both sides. Sometimes, we also develop pretty apps.

Culture Hacking

Culture Hacking is a progressive, bottom-up approach that empowers employees to implement cultural changes within their organization. We co-developed Culture Hacking to make our clients’ more innovative in a very concrete and tangible way. Together with internal teams, we re-design spaces, routines or meetings. We motivate employees through workshops and help them to retain the momentum afterwards.

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