Innovation is based on trust. And trust is based on people and process. We are 30 co-founders from 25 disciplines who work together without any hierarchies whatsoever. And it works. Trust us.

«There is no delight in owning anything unshared»

— Seneca

Diemut Bartl

Product Design Finances Creative furniture

Diemut combines product design and academic training. She designed our workshop furniture and university classes in Potsdam. As Duchess Count, she balances our budgets.

Christian Beinke

Mechanical engineering Design Theory Masterplaner

Christian is a levelheaded realist with a passion for pragmatic problem-solving. Due to his nautical expertise Dark Horse is unsinkable. On the other hand, he graduated about estimation.

Monika Frech

Social Sciences Ambassador Communications

Monika is the ultimate representative of our humble house. She is a third of our marketing team, spends half of her time on the stages of various conferences and is involved in a NGO for Indian children. She still practices to wave gracefully, however.

»Everyone needs help from everyone« — Bertolt Brecht

Christiane Frey

Adult education Fine arts Teacher training

Christiane has a degree in fine arts and another one in adult education. As head of the Ed-School, she teaches Design Thinking to future teachers so they can teach it to future world leaders.

Isabel Gärtner

Nutrition science Bar keeping ToughMudder

Isabel’s background in nutrition science and her track record of success in tough sports are responsible for her youthful appearance. Don’t reject a drink from her.

Moritz Gekeler

Comparative literature Trend research Design Strategy

With a PhD in media theory and a degree in comparative literature, Moritz compares favorably to almost anybody. He has worked as a trend researcher at Mercedes Benz and track manager at the in Potsdam.

Pascal Gemmer

Engineering Drummer Import/export

Pascal is more versatile then a Swiss Army knife. He studied drums and machines and is still an avid user of both. He is our expert for mobility and innovation software.

Jasper Hugo Grote

Brand strategy Corporate communication Dark Horse Marketing

Jasper is a copy-writer and brand strategist, teaches at the in Potsdam and is our mood manager. On a side note, he is the only Dark Horse who owns more than two acres of pasture.

»A camel is a horse, designed by a committee«

— W. Churchill

Friedrich Große Dunker

Economics Sustainability Finisher

Fried is our expert for all things lean, business modeling and cultural hacking. He invented the sustainability dice and co-created our Out of the box line of creative furniture. Nobody has more air miles and a lower carbon foot print at the same time.

Toni Grütze


Rumor has it, there are people who are 100 Percent geek. Toni is a graduate student and research assistant in IT Systems Engineering at the Hasso-Plattner Institute. To add a practical touch to that, he is able to hack just about everything. Theoretically.

Ludwig Kannicht

Psychology Web development Ex-photographer

Ludwig is our obvious expert for every software project: With a background in psychology and web development he can combine user experience and usability. As ex-photographer he is our secret expert for total documentation.

Daniela Keizer

IT-Girl Art history Archive management

Daniela is the anti-IT-stereotype. She is funny, sociable and loves the sun. She is specialized in Data Mining and Business Intelligence. There aren’t many start-ups that end in O that she didn’t work at.

Dominik Kenzler

Interaction Design Communication Design Strategy

Dominik is the walking digital revolution: He holds degrees in communication design and interaction design, has experiences with multiple agencies, creates Apps, designs strategies and is the Art Director of Juice Magazine.

»Good judgment comes from experience, and experience… well, that comes from poor judgment.«

— A. A. Milne

Patrick Kenzler

Architecture Interior Design Popstar

A man, a room. Patrick holds degrees in architecture and interior design. He designed creative spaces at the in Potsdam, at the Humboldt Institute für Internet und Gesellschaft and our office, of course. For you, he would do it again.

Mia Konew

Business Controlling Knowledge Management

Organizational charts, business plans and budgets are Mia’s passion. She knows the Berlin start-up scene like the back of her hand and tells the best controlling jokes herself.

Greta Konrad

Philosophy Literature Empathy

Greta combines intellectualism and empathy. Upon meeting new people, she knows everything about everybody and their relationship after one minute. In user research projects, she is worth her own weight in gold.

Raul Krauthausen

Inclusion Activist Social Innovator

Raul can do everything and does even more. He is Ashoka Fellow, started wheelmap.orga> and a fundraising system from bottle deposits with his own NGO Sozialhelden. He was awarded a Federal Cross of Merit and published his autobiography.

»I know tomorrow, why the things I predicted yesterday did not work today«

— Bent Flyvberg

Lisa Kroll

French studies Charité Haube Soprano

Lisa combines savoir vivre and serious research: She has a background in French Studies and currently works on her PhD at Charité, Europe’s biggest university hospital, for and with patients with dementia.

Jana Lév

Interior Design Carpenter Customer Experience

If you think everything looks fine, Jana is not satisfied yet. She is a trained carpenter, holds a degree in interior design and is specialized in customer experiences. She polishes products and services until perfection.

Christin Menzel-Black

Psychology Californication Design Thinking USA

Dark Horse goes Golden State: Christin operates our office in San Francisco. After studying psychology, working towards peace in the Middle East and being an elected official in the German capital region, this is one of one thousand possible next steps for her.

Johannes Meyer

American Studies Workshopper Rocksinger

Johannes uses his voice not only as the lead singer of his band Down to Nine, but also to moderate workshops. He knows the corporate world from inside, but chose the outside again. He also watched every single video on youtube.

Jeong Hong Oh

Chemical engineering West Berlin Serious Play

With his extensive Lego collection, Jeong Hong can model whole organizational structures or re-enact epic battles. Including explosions. When it comes to life experience, he outperforms all of us.

Manuel Ott

Geography Urban planning Teammaker

Maybe his background in urban planning helps Manuel to always remain as cool as a cucumber. No matter how turbulent a team maybe, he will find a way. He can be your guide, too.

»Prosperity provideth, but adversity proveth friends.«

— Queen Elizabeth I

Torben Lohmüller

Organizational Development Literature Systemic

New Worker and Potential Developer with a sense for well told stories. Tries to establish a flourishing English garden on the dry sandy soil of Branden­burg. Formerly the head of a college admin­istra­tion, he now found his place at the dark horse stables.

Ioana Petrescu

Industrial engineer Knowledge management Perfectionist

Ioana is a spirited engineer with a passion for meticulous methods. She administers and expands our portfolio of warmups and tools for creative problem solving. Her schedules are bullshitproof.

Claudio Rimmele

Psychology Editor iheartberlin

Claudio is co-founder and editor of the His passion for all aspects of contemporary urban life and his degree in psychology are the basis for his excellent instinct for the next big thing.

Lyn Schulz

Ethnology German instructor China

Lyn’s ethnological tipps help us to better understand diverse user groups. She can also help foreigners to understand us: She holds a degree in German as a foreign language.

Lars Straehler-Pohl

Philosophy Conductor Psychology

Philosopher, conductor, and psychologist, never shying away from a punchline: Lars is exactly like you would expect him to be. He has tremendous creative potential, always walking the fine line between genius and madness.

Sarah Weinknecht

Brand communication Social Media Moodboards

Sarah is an editor and social media manager. She knows everything about every corner of the Internet and can illustrate emotions like nobody else. She also surfs offline.

»I'm like everybody else«

— Britney Spears

Björn Wisnewski

Geography Arts Web development

Björn almost became a geography and arts teacher. As a specialist for online marketing, he now focuses on the landscapes and art forms of the web. No word on whether he is still inspired by the same muse.

Sascha Wolff

Political science Environmental education Development

As Dark Horse evangelist, Sascha travels to conferences, jams and universities around the world. He combines a human-centered perspective with his expertise on political and natural systems to fuel his passion for social innovation.

Lisa Zoth

Political Science Culture International relations

If you have a political problem, call Lisa. She specialized in conflict management and has extensives experiences in the Middle East. If you want a conflict, you can call Lisa too: She has also worked as dramatic adviser at the theater.

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